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The Company is the first Hong Kong website devoted to theatre. The voluntary project was launched in 2005 with an aim to promote local performing arts. Under the leadership of Artistic Directors Lau Ho-cheung and Cheng Gi-gi, iStage morphed into a theatre ensemble and staged its debut production in 2007

Staged more than 20 performances and received over 14 nominations and two awards at the Hong Kong Drama Awards and the Hong Kong Theatre Libre

Aims to produce and develop high-quality, unique contemporary theatre as well as original new works by local artists




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Walking Marriage

“Walking Marriage” is an aspect of Mosuo culture in which men will walk to the house of their partner after dark, but return to their own home in the morning. Most significantly, when children are born, the father may have little or no responsibility for his offspring.

A Mosuo lady, brought up at the Lugu Lake in Yunnan Province, moves to the city to pursue her own ideals. Keeping her cultural practice of walking marriage in a modern city where relationships are getting extraordinarily complicated, she has been exploited and misunderstood again and again.

Moving from place to place, she settles in Hong Kong and comes across two men who are willing to engage walking marriage with her…