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Hugh CHO

Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Contemporary Dance)

Worked with Raewyn Hill & Dancers, and previously joined Unlock Dancing Plaza as Artist-in-residence. Worked with street dance choreographer Nick Power and created Compartmentalized for Free Space Festival 2013, which Cho was invited to performed in Sydney the subsequent year

Majority of works closely related to Hong Kong, including Mr. Mok, Made in Hong Kong, Resistance for the recent Umbrella Movement and Remain with Question for Hong Kong Arts Festival 2015

Based in Hong Kong as freelance dancer, choreographer and part-time acrobat in Chinese Opera




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Made in Hong Kong

Made in Hong Kong stems from questions asked by men born in the 1980s: How hard do they need to work in order to achieve independence by the age of 30?

Also, is the society moving too fast or are they moving too slowly? Perhaps they need to look at things from another angle so they could feel like they are living, not merely surviving.

Despite the growing influence the younger generation has on the society, values of young people are often radically different from the older generation. People shall not turn a blind eye to such conflicts and complexities. The work bridges the generation gap from a new and relaxing angle, where audience can think and enjoy.