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Hong Kong Xiqu Troupe

Professional Cantonese opera troupe that aims at promoting Xiqu (especially Cantonese opera)

Focus on creation and practice. Senior practitioners lead the junior to a higher artistic level. Strives to cultivate young audiences while maintaining existing audience

Renowned Cantonese opera artist Yuen Siu-fai serves as art consultant; Professional music artist Ko Yun-hung is music designer and coordinator while Dianna Tse (Tse Hue Ying) is chairwoman, Award for Young Artist (Xiqu), Hong Kong Arts Development Awards (2015), leading actress and script writer




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Immortal Love

Immortal Love is a rearrangement of the famous Cantonese repertoire Immortal Love. This modern take on the famous legend of Chinese Valentine’s Day is written by Dianna Tse, head and leading actress of Hong Kong Xiqu Troupe. For the tragic love story between the cowherd and the weaver maid, the Huang-mei-xi adaptation of this performance breathes new life into the story accentuated with the determined and spirited attitude of a modern woman.

The performance reels in a stellar cast of virtuoso actors and actresses led by the legendary Franco Yuen and Dianna Tse, underlining passing down of cultural heritage to the new generation of talents. New songs and music arrangement conceived by famous artist Ko Yun-hung push the creative boundary of traditional Cantonese opera.