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Hong Kong Dance Company

With its mission to promote Chinese dance with contemporary artistic visions and Hong Kong character, the Hong Kong Dance Company (HKDC) was established in 1981. Since its inception, HKDC has staged over 100 productions, many of which were highly popular with critical acclaim. Recent productions include Snow Fox, Red Poppies, Spring Ritual·Eulogy, The Legend of Mulan, The Butterfly Lovers, Storm Clouds, L’Amour Immortel, Reveries of the Red Chamber, Chinese Hero: A Lone Exile, Vipassana, Lady White of West Lake and Waiting Heart.

As a cultural ambassador of Hong Kong, HKDC constantly brings the city’s unique artistic style to the world by touring to different cities across the globe, engaging local audiences and encouraging cultural exchange. In recent years, it has brought its award-winning productions to the Lincoln Center in New York, Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., Sony Centre in Toronto, the Concourse Theatre in Sydney, the Southbank Centre in London, the Korea Dance Festival in Seoul, the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing, Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center, Shanghai Grand Theatre, Guangzhou Opera House, Novel Hall in Taipei andTaiwan Traditional Theatre Center, among others.




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Grand Dance Drama: Lady White of West Lake

Lady White of West Lake is a timeless classic that was included in the first batch of The National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of China. Having inspired countless film adaptations, the story is about the spirit of a white snake that transforms into human form to experience the human world. The dance drama Lady White of West Lake tells this legend through dance with a new perceptive, and reinterprets the meaning of love, humanity, kindness and cruelty, morality and living.

This millenary love story begins on the sacred Mount Emei, where the spirit of a white snake transforms herself into a beautiful girl, Bai, to experience the human world. In the West Lake (Hangzhou), she meets a scholar, who opens her eyes to love for the first time. But their happiness does not last long: a vindictive monk becomes entangled in their quiet life. Outraged by the ominous union between man and spirit, the monk takes it upon himself to tear them apart. The resolute Bai defends her love with dignity and courage, even if it means fighting against heaven and earth.

Lady White of West Lake received the 2018 Hong Kong Dance Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Dancer.

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