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HO Kei-ping

Prominent playwright in contemporary China. Her play The World’s Top Restaurant was widely acclaimed as a classic of modern Chinese drama, and was staged in USA, Europe, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and South Korea

Playwright-in-residence of the Beijing People’s Art Theatre in the 1980’s; Playwright-in-residence of the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre (1997-2001)

Director of Chinese Association of Dramatists, Member of Chinese Association of Writers, Chairperson of Directors of The Whole Theatre Hong Kong

Multiple awards winner including the Wenhua Prize, Cao Yu Prize and October Literature Prize. Awarded Model Workers in Beijing, Chinese Culture Figure, and Hong Kong Women of Excellence in the Six Arts

Prolific and professional writer of stage dramas, movies, and television dramas




De Ling & Empress Dowager Ci Xi

At the start of the 20th century, China had little knowledge of the West. Princess Deling, born into Chinese nobility but educated in the West, was chosen to be a lady-in-waiting for Empress Dowager Cixi. Youthful and energetic, Deling stands in sharp contrast with the tyrannical Cixi, the despondent Guangxu Emperor and the rigid customs and traditions of China.

Sparks fly and cultures clash between the two women vastly different in everything from personality to world views. One is in her twilight years with the other in the bloom of youth; One is the supreme ruler of the country while the other a subordinate; One is the embodiment of China and the other of the West. The singular moment in history in which a series of humourous yet sad events unfold.

This highly-revered drama was awarded Best Production, Best Original Script, Best Director, Best Costume design and Top Ten Most Popular Productions at the Hong Kong Drama Awards 1999.