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Ho Bit Goon

Ho Bit Goon, formerly named Theatre Fanatico (1996-2010), is established in April 2011, a cultural hub for self-empowerment and cultural studies through platform of art-making, all under the direction of Ho Ying-fung.

In view of the importance of community arts for self/social empowerment and self/social mobility, especially at times of economic downturns and stagnant cultural climate, Ho Ying-fung has decided to launch an alternative home base to expand its previous endeavor in arts for social causes

A place to invite innovative ideas for educational and social arts projects, lectures, symposium, and, most importantly, experimental workshops on self-empowerment




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Between Breaths

Between Breaths examines the intricate situation when two persons are “speechless” and re-learning how to communicate with someone REAL and POTENTIALLY CONFRONTATIVE. In the form of theatre impromptu, performers develop their viewpoints through new findings, looking through the eyes of the ABSENT other and seeking alternative communication under adverse circumstances bound by rules and limitations.

The performance unfolds in the form of total theatre and dramatic visual poem, telling tales through audio and visual images along the stream of consciousness unveiled through the players’ investigative actions. The ACT of WRITING transcends into a series of writing-at-play where performers, musicians and visual projection-based painter work together through interactive trilogues to explore the inner psyche of a prisoner, Valvac Havel, on the day he went home, reuniting with his soul mate once connected through words.