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Helen LAI

Founding member of City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC), served as Artistic Director (1985-1989) and Resident Choreographer (1991-2011)

Lai’s works are cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary. Well-versed in literature, Lai’s ideas span Chinese classics, Kafka, Italo Calvino and Greek tragedy, creating profound works that touch the deepest part of the soul

Awarded “Choreographer of the Year” by the Hong Kong Artists’ Guild (1990), “Badge of Honour” by the Queen of the United Kingdom (1995) and the “Medal of Honour” by the Hong Kong SAR Government (2000)

Six-time Hong Kong Dance Awards winner, most recently for Outstanding Choreography in 2016, as well as the recipient of “Distinguished Achievement Award” (2002). Lai also received Award for Arts Achievement (Dance), Hong Kong Arts Development Awards (2003), Honorary Fellowship from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (2004), and Award for Outstanding Contribution in Arts, Hong Kong Arts Development Awards (2015)




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One Hundred Years of Solitude, by Colombian Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez, is the epic tale spanning seven generations of the Buendía family. Many visitors pass through their house, amongst them a gypsy preoccupied with studying ancient wisdom. Despite this parade of characters, the family and the town wrestle with solitude, unaware of the destiny foreseen by the gypsy, and which lies in his writings, waiting to be deciphered.

Soledad (Spanish for solitude), a new dance theatre inspired by this seminal work, is the first collaboration between Lai and UK artist Peter Suart. Lai choreographs and directs; Suart composes and records the music, designs the set, and plays a theatrical role. Between them, a world of love, desire, and power unfolds, a world existing within a great and inscrutable solitude.

Photographers: © Ringo Chan