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GUO Ya-zhi

Considered one of the world’s top 3 Chinese traditional instrumentalists. Active on stage for more than two decades, performing traditional repertoires while championing modern works

Principal suona in Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra for 12 years. Versatile and charismatic performer virtuosic in over twenty instruments including the saxophone and Australia didgeridoo; Great improviser on jazz

Received Award for Best Artist (Music), Hong Kong Arts Development Awards (2012), and USA Pro Musicis Award (1998)

Concert Guo Yazhi’s Wind Music World-Legend of Suona (2007) highly revered, leading to Wind Music World-Legend of Suona II (2012)

Invention of “Flexible Core of the Suona”, a great contribution to Suona history




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Bird Twitters from Altadena (Joan Huang, 2013)

The Bird Twitters from Altedena (2013) depicts the beautiful sceneries in Altadena, California, particularly the birds in Mother Nature. 7 “birds” displaying 7 different landscapes were presented. Inspired by footages of Guo’s virtuosic performances, composer Joan Huang dedicated the piece to Guo and the renowned New England Conservatory of Music Percussion Ensemble. The work utilises a variety of woodwind instruments, all played by Guo, including the Chinese instruments Xun, Paixiao, Hulusi as well as the Australia didgeridoo which symbolises bird calls.

Almost 100 percussions instruments including wind chimes, rain stick, bird whistles, harmonica and horns were used to represent the environment. Seven different American folk songs were adapted to present the picturesque countryside. This performance brings harmony between the authentic Chinese sounds and tones of the universe.