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Frankie HO

Ho graduated from both School of Music and School of Drama of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Prolific composer, arranger and musical director of numerous musicals spanning multiple genres, including The Dream of a Young Girl (1996), Hong Kong For Sure! (2001), Departure 00:00 (2003), Scrooge (2009), City Legend (1999), They’re Playing Our Song (2002), Forever Teresa Teng Musical (2004), Vagabond (2005), Homo Superus (2007), A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum (2009), Four Thousand Gold (2009), Animal Farm (2010), Wong Sze Ma’s My Boy the Musical (2014), The Government Inspector – The Musical (2015), Sing your Life a Musical (2016) and Cabarets – Listen (2012), W.A.R. (2013), and R.A.W. (2015)

Received a record high of six Hong Kong Drama Awards in Best Original Score




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The Government Inspector – The Musical

Adapted from the satirical masterpiece by celebrated Russian dramatist Nikolai Gogol, The Government Inspector – The Musical is a comedy of errors that charmed generations of playgoers with its acute characterisation, arresting plotline and sarcastic tone, resulting in a penetrating probe on the corrupted and rotten bureaucratic system and the ugly human nature that fuels it. With a live orchestra, Gogol’s eternal classic was revitalised in an absurd imaginary city and performed as a full-length musical, adding contemporary comedic elements into this eternal classic.

The Government Inspector – The Musical received critical acclaim and the Best Original Score Award at the Hong Kong Drama Awards 2016.