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E-Side Dance Company

Established in 1988 by Yu Yan-wah, Jacky.

As one of the most representative contemporary dance organisations in Hong Kong, Artistic Director Yu Yan-wah has established a unique dance style through using body and theatrical environment to pursue the original beauty of dance art. The company has won wide acclaim from all walks of life over the years, and received 2006 Hong Kong Dance Awards – Choreography Award for its production Toppling the World as well as 2012 Hong Kong Dance Awards – Outstanding Services to Dance.

Apart from producing professional dance theatre, overseas dancers are invited to perform in Hong Kong every year to foster cultural dance exchanges. Dedicated educators providing various kinds of dance courses encourage all walks of life to enjoy the delight of dancing. To further promote performing arts in the communities, E-Side organises educational outreach programmes to reach a wider audience and get more people involved in dance.




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Toppling the World

Toppling the World premiered in Hong Kong in 2003 and enjoyed re-runs in Hong Kong and Mainland China for five times. It received the 2006 Hong Kong Dance Award from the Hong Kong Dance Alliance.

Basic stage equipments such as lighting trusses and floor mats as well as different kinds of sounds and lights are played around with by the choreographer to surge up intense rhythms through movements radiating fierce energy to unfold a series of stunning scenes. Yu is proficient in making use of the body’s power and varying movement speed to layer his work and control the rhythms with different levels of complexity and intensity, overwhelming the audience with exciting turns.

Photographer © Mark Lam