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DanceArt Hong Kong

Having established for 20 years, DanceArt is committed to develop new genre of multi-arts contemporary dance theatre and arts promotion

A pioneer in self-choreographed solo productions in Hong Kong, the group strives to take the art of dance to wider and higher realms of excellence

Past significant stage productions include The Island Whisper, Individual Dreams… Shared Bed, Butterfly Effect, Blind Dates, Asunder – Virtual or Real and Unreachable Distance

Cultural exchange tours to the Mainland, the United States, Canada and Taiwan

Recent work M-cident received the 2014 Hong Kong Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance Production




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Gengyi Ji

The work is inspired by famous Chinese female writer Eileen Cheung’s prose Gengyi Ji which described how traditional Chinese female clothing restricts Chinese women for centuries, dating back to the late Qing dynasty and throughout the fashion history of Chinese women. The cultural garments are essentially the “burden” of a woman’s life that reflects her social position.

Dancing in redesigned Chinese costume with exaggerated features of women’s fashion in past eras, not only were movements limited but even emotions are suppressed. Tenderness and submissiveness are tailor-made images for Chinese women. A complete version of Gengyi Ji is suitable for both indoor and outdoor performance.