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Class 7A Drama Group

Founded by Artistic Director Yatyau in 1997, Class 7A Drama Group is an inspiring and professional theatre company in Hong Kong that provides artistically excellent theatrical productions

Specialises on high-quality texts and productions with simple and powerful theatricality. Aims at providing audience with experiences uniquely found in theatres

Pioneers in implantation of Drama-in-Education scheme in Hong Kong. Collaborated with different government parties in producing more than 50 professional stage as well as a wide and deep range of community and arts education programmes

Under the aim of “Text and Simplicity”, the Group recently produced musical Love to Forget Rerun, Mother Courage in China, The Chalk Circle in China, The Big Happy Dying with Big Happy Singing, daddi and SEVEN: Lost and Lust (in Hong Kong and Seoul, Korea)




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Snow In June

The performance is an interesting collage of modern theatre style and traditional Chinese performing arts aesthetics, telling the famous classic story The Injustice done to Dou-E. With extremely simple yet powerful bare stage and three actors only, it combines traditional Chinese opera, live percussion and an intricate story with many roles into a theatre piece.

A child bride to Cai’s family, Dou-E the widow and her mother-in-law depended on each other. One day, Mother Cai was saved by hooligan Zhang Lü’er and his father. The Zhangs moved into Dou-E’s house under pretexts, and subsequently tried to force Dou-E and Mother Cai to marry them. Framed for murder and facing execution after declining Lü’er’s advances, Dou-E swore her innocence with “snowing in June”, a highly unusual natural phenomenon.