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City Contemporary
Dance Company (CCDC)

For 36 years under the leadership of Founder and Artistic Director Willy Tsao, City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) has inspired and excited audiences by performing superb contemporary dance pieces

Founded in 1979, CCDC has produced more than 200 original works to critical acclaim, presenting innovative collaborations with outstanding artists from other media and with artists around the world

Acclaimed as “the artistic soul of contemporary Hong Kong”, CCDC is renowned for reflecting the vigour and creativity of Hong Kong’s vibrant, multifaceted contemporary culture

Increased its audience to more than 50,000 annually and received 239 overseas invitations to the world’s foremost dance stages and festivals in over 30 major cities in America, Europe, Australia and Asia




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Fragile Beauty

Were there cities, glorious as fireworks in the sky, vanished at the height of their magnificence. The loving dwellers within were scattered to the four winds.

No, this is not our story. We have walls built with sturdy concrete and the endless bustle of city life. We have ambitions burning in heart, a cold shoulder to every stranger we pass.

It is our story, perhaps. Look up and we see fireworks burn. Look down and we find ourselves standing in desolation.

Don’t tell them: this is not the same city.

After As If To Nothing, CCDC Resident Choreographer Sang Jijia reunites with experimental musician Dickson Dee to create Fragile Beauty – a story of cities told through the powerful and exquisite language of movement.


Photographer © Conrado Dy-liacco