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CHUNG Yin-sze

Writer-director with versatile works in both English and Cantonese. Host of cultural radio programme of RTHK. Founder of Intuition Kobo

Part-time lecturer on creative process and theatre arts in various tertiary institutions, including the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Former literary officer in the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre

Major theatre works in include The Missing Link, Of Mice and Men, The Hunger Artist, I Sell Love, Recycling Times and Animal Farm. A Kid’s Story, a play about autistic children, was nominated for Best Script at the 2011 Hong Kong Theatre Libre

Feature movie credits include Trivisa and Wondermama




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The Missing Link

An immersive theatre experience in which the audience examines the evidences and reconstruct scenes from a locked-room murder case.

A man chases the murderer at large to seek revenge for the wife he had lost on his wedding day. For seven years the details of the murder has haunted him; he gradually loses his mind digging deep into a dark truth he cannot bear.