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SHUM Wai-chung, Chris

Lyricist for more than 20 years with works widely seen in stage plays, musicals, television, film and advertising

Received Taiwan Golden Horse Awards, Hong Kong CASH Golden Sail Music Awards, Hong Kong Film Awards, Hong Kong Drama Awards, etc.

Major works included The Passage Beyond, The Smiling Proud Wanderer, The Legend of the Condor Heroes (lyricist); The Last Tycoon (lyricist of the movie theme song); Sunday In The Park With George, The Sound Of Music (lyrics adaptation); Our Immortal Cantata, The Woman in Kenzo (playwright and lyricist); Lyrics Writing for Musicals and Theatres (Author)




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Our Immotal Cantata

Our Immortal Cantata is an a cappella theatre piece interlacing time and space, past and present, legend and history. Spectacular music and literature have been written for men and women who committed suicides in the name of love. The Butterfly Lovers, Romeo and Juliet, Madame Butterfly, Princess Changping and her consort Zhou Shixian as well as Yu Fa and her lover Sub Yee Siu are all up against each other in The Greatest Suicide For Love, an underworld contest not unlike The Voice. Through song and dance, cat fights and, most of all, a divine belief in their sacrifices, these nether folks hold nothing back to claim the winning title and be truly immortalised.