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CHIU Ho-yin, Rex

Chiu is the Artistic Director of Autistic Genius and is involved in artistic creations within theatre, music, dance and multi-media. He has worked with organisations including Actors’ Family, Hong Kong Arts Festival, and International Arts Carnival. Chiu graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and obtained the ISTD Advanced Tap Certificate with the highest honour

Chiu was invited by Jam Tap Dance Company of Japan in 2004 to collaborate with Jimmy Slyde and to perform in JIMMY SLYDE – We’ll be together! at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. He became a full-time musical actor with the renowned Shiki Theatre Company (2005). Chiu Received the Outstanding Actor Award at the 2010 Hong Kong Theatre Libre for his role in the musical Bloody Hell

Currently a Council Member of the Hong Kong Dance Federation and the Convener of Hong Kong Street Dance Development Alliance




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Tatsujin Symphony

Every single word speaking volumes
Recording the visceral, wild and personal times of painful growth
Creativity comes first in this
Unique visual fantasy of dance and music

Tatsujin Symphony is a music video experimental dance theatre. Based on the lives of the actors, the work explores how it would be like if daily lives could transcend regularities and step out of convention. It combines street dance and original electronic music to present scenes of entertaining illusions of life.