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CHEUNG Fei-fan

Graduated from the Department of Cinema and Television of the School of Communication at the Hong Kong Baptist University

Won the 2006 Youth Literary Awards (Drama) with Delicate Fragrance, and was nominated for the Best Script award at the Hong Kong Theatre Libre with Unforgettable (2008) and The Crumbled (2013)

At the Hong Kong Drama Awards, his work The Passage Beyond was awarded Best Production and Top Ten Most Popular Productions in 2010. He was nominated for Best Script Award in 2011 for The Best Wretches and won Best Script Award in 2015 for Checkmate

Received the Award for Young Artist (Drama), Hong Kong Art Development Awards (2010)




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A myth of 22 Go masters hidden inside the Japanese army headquarters during WWII. Using their knowledge and strength in chess theories, these Go masters provide promising strategies for the Japanese invasion in the Sino-Japanese War. A young genius, Minoru Kitani, was summoned and confronted the top chess master in Japan, Honinbō Shūsai. In studying the moves created by the Go Seigen Wu Qing Yuan, Kitani authenticated the relationship between the principles of chess and the universe, with their lives on the Go board. The play was awarded Best Script and Top Ten Most Popular Productions in the Hong Kong Drama Awards 2015, and was invited for performances in Shanghai and Tainan.

Work by Cheung Fei-Fan & Theatre Space Foundation