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Cantonese Opera Theatre

Registered in 2006 as a non-profit arts organisation, Cantonese Opera Theatre is committed to promoting culture and the arts, and held Cantonese opera performances to enhance the level of the art form

Presented several Cantonese opera performances including The Nymph of the Luo River, Romance by the Peach Blossom Lake, The Marshal’s Marriage and adaptation opera The Irrevocable Marriage

Troupe’s Female Principal Janet Wong received the Outstanding Performance Award in Rising Stars of Cantonese opera, presented by Xiqu Centre of the West Kowloon Cultural District (2014) for her performance in The Reminiscence of Cui of The Irrevocable Marriage; Award for Young Artist (Xiqu), Hong Kong Arts Development Awards (2014)




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The Irrevocable Marriage

Zhu Maichen is a scholar who failed the imperial exam for many times. Despite his wife Cui’s constant humiliation because of their impoverished lives, Zhu continues to dream of success. When urged by a matchmaker, the disgruntled Cui forces Zhu to sign a letter of divorce thus allowing her to remarry.

Zhu takes the imperial exam again and passes with honours while Cui leaves her new husband after being abused in her new marriage. When Zhu seeks out Cui, she dreams of a reunion only to realise that it was only a dream. When Cui pleads to return, Zhu orders his servants to splash water in front of the house to show that water splashed out can never be retrieved. Full of regret and remorse, Cui kills herself.