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Established by three young Cantonese opera talents: Lai Yiu-wai, Keith, Leung Wai-hong, Wyborn and Lau Chi-yan, Tequila

As youthful and new faces of the art form, they have been developing Cantonese opera with different focuses. Leung draws experience and insight on the evolution of Cantonese opera from his father Leung Hong Wai, and specialises in stage management and lighting design. Lai, following the footsteps of Man Chin-shui, showcases his talents on a variety of acting roles as well as creating new works

Partners with Art of Cantonese Opera on February 2015 and produced The Arrant Revenge (an adaptation from Shakespeare’s Hamlet).  Presents Chinese New Year show to coincide with New Year festivities in 2015




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Through the 2014 “Xiqu Playwright Mentoring and New Play Performance Project” from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Canto Op partnered with Art of Cantonese Opera in early 2015 for the performance of The Arrant Revenge, a Cantonese Opera adaptation from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Infusing essences from both Chinese and Western performances, the performance was portrayed in traditional Cantonese Opera with enhancements in live music, costumes, lighting and stage setting. It presented a brilliant harmony between innovation and tradition, thus attracting younger audiences while shedding the perceived notions of Cantonese Opera being “antiquated and boring”.