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CAI Ying

Independent dance artist and choreographer born in Xiamen, China and based in Hong Kong. Received BFA at the Beijing Dance Academy (Chinese dance), MFA at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Choreography). Cai is the HKETO-NY Arts Fellow at Yale University in USA (2015-2017)

Specialises in staged dance works, installation art, site-specific performances, and immersive experiences

Cai is interested in the multi-dimensional relationships among socio-political bodies, individuals, and phenomenological issues of intentionality, self-awareness and intersubjectivity. Her current exploration and practice focus on how body perceive its own existence and the existence of other bodies through “game”Cai’s work explores the statue of flowing between senses of alienation and belongingness, insider and outsider, sameness and otherness




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wǒ-mén, “we” in Chinese, loosely homophonous with “women”, explores how the identities and roles of the “other” gender(s) can be assumed in an open space.

“What is within, myself, and what is outside, separate.” -Iris Marion Young

Prompted by this call for philosophical reflection, choreographer Cai Ying invites the audience to explore with her the interiors of the mind where everything is absurd and beyond reason, as she also seeks to disclose the affective conditions and dimensions of female embodied consciousness as shaped by social pressures and dynamics.