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BLUE Ka-wing, Rainbow

Started her training in dance at the age of 16, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in contemporary dance and choreography from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (2010). Currently a freelance artist in Hong Kong, collaborating with many local dance groups and choreographers

Blue’s choreographic work included: The Left Hander, one of the programmes in the “New Force in Motion” series; Time Lag, part of Dance Off, programme in the Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series in the 2016 Hong Kong Arts Festival (invited for performance at Japan’s Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival and Korea’s New Dance for Asia International Festival, and nominated for “Outstanding Choreography” at the 2017 Hong Kong Dance Awards); The Invisible S, a 30-minute piece within Cecilia’s Rhapsody, programme in the Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series in the 2017 Hong Kong Arts Festival




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The Neighbor

The wall divides two distinct units. After blocked by the wall, perhaps the sounds I received are already the gentlest?

The midnight calling
The midnight treatment for the soul
Under the disturbance, the treatment may not be possible every night. Nonetheless, sometimes, let’s just step inside and walk a few laps, clear the thoughts and getting the soul refreshed and alive.
Is this not a nice nourishment of life?

“Other than a few very nice and essential furniture, this empty house will become your haven of peace. Cherish it, clean it and live there with respect. To safeguard yourself, the most valuable asset, with this house.”

L’art de la simplicité – by Dominique Loreau